Competing in a Seller’s Market

Using a buyer's agent when purchasing your home is a free service to you, so why not take advantage? Your Realtor will walk you through putting in an offer and let you know what is necessary to make your offer stand out. When it’s a seller’s market, you can’t always compete against an all-cash offer from... Continue Reading →

Don’t Over-Do Your Home Improvement

Homeowners are expected to spend a near record $317 billion on home improvement this year. The trend is expected to continue, as areas have fewer homes for sale and homeowners have little incentive to move from homes with record low fixed mortgage rates, experts say. What’s the biggest home improvement mistake that most folks make?... Continue Reading →

Credit Score Tips

I often hear buyers talk about their credit score, good or bad, and there is a lot of misconception about what effects them, how to raise them, how accurate they are... Mark Kimmerling, Senior Loan Officer with MSI (NMLS # 168784) shares with us an overview of credit scores, what effects them, and how to... Continue Reading →

Communication is Key

Communication. It’s the single most important thing in any real estate transaction: Communication between you and me, communication with your lender, and communication with the seller and the seller’s agent. From the very beginning you should be able to tell that your Realtor is making communication with you a priority. Whether this by responding promptly... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Seller Mistake

The number one mistake sellers make when listing a home for sale: They overprice it. The number two mistake sellers make when listing a home for sale: They think they can lower the asking price if it doesn't sell.   While the second mistake is true, you can reduce the price if it doesn't sell,... Continue Reading →

Thankful to be a Homeowner

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities– but, while owning a home can prove to be stressful at times, there are many reasons to be thankful for all of the great opportunities that come with owning your own home.     The obvious. You have a roof over your head- it's estimated that over... Continue Reading →

Money Wasted When Renting

If you're a Millennial—or have a son or daughter who is a Millennial—you've probably had a discussion about renting or buying a home. You may think it's a hard decision when you consider rising home prices, interest rates, and costs of living.  But with the with the right help and information, you'll probably find it's... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Terminology

Buying or selling a home comes with a lot of information that can sometimes seem like a foreign language. Here are some words you will likely hear when buying or selling your home, with a little more information on what they mean... 1. Adjustable-rate mortgage There are two types of conventional loans: fixed-rate and adjustable-rate... Continue Reading →

How School Districts Affect Home Values

The data is clear: Homes in the best school districts sell for higher prices than similar homes in less-popular school districts. Research also tells us that one of the most important factors that buyers consider when buying a home are schools. One study shows buyers are willing to pay as much as $50 a square... Continue Reading →

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