Communication is Key

Communication. It’s the single most important thing in any real estate transaction: Communication between you and me, communication with your lender, and communication with the seller and the seller’s agent.

From the very beginning you should be able to tell that your Realtor is making communication with you a priority. Whether this by responding promptly to questions you have, sending you homes you may like, or gathering information for you about a particular property. You should have an established line of communication from the very beginning. If you don’t feel you have this, then you should reconsider who you are working with.


Why is communication so important in a real estate transaction?

To ease your mind. It gives you a sense of security with your purchase. You’re going to have a lot of questions when going through this process and you need to have someone who has the knowledge and commitment to answer those questions.

To advocate for you. Your Realtor should communicate information to you maybe didn’t even know you needed! They will properly compare properties so you know you’re paying the right price for a home

To educate you. They will explain from A-Z from the time you put in your offer until the day of your closing. There are a few vital steps during the time your home sale is pending. It’s you’re Realtor’s job to walk you through those steps, explaining what’s going on, and how to move forward with your best interest in mind.

To help you. They will communicate with your lender and other parties involved in a real estate transaction. They make sure everyone has the information they need and that everything is going smooth on all fronts. Lender/Realtor relationships often require the most communication, as both of these roles depend on each other to make a purchase successful.
As your agent, I’ll be there for you – and you can count on me to help you make an informed decision. Please feel free to get in touch with me!



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