About Jessica


Born and raised in McLean County, I grew up in Lexington and now live in Bloomington. In Lexington I grew up on my family’s cattle farm, and I still enjoy helping out there in my spare time. I’m probably a homebody and I love all things comfy. I also love being outdoors, traveling, real estate investing and my dog, Bear (not in that order…if you know me you know Bear would be #1 on that list).

I began my real estate career with investment properties in 2009, becoming a licensed broker in 2016. I have continued to grow the investment area of my business, and am passionate about helping others learn about real estate investing as well.

My favorite aspects of this career are the personal relationships I make and the ability to be continuously learning and improving my business. Being able to help and educate my clients through their transactions is my number one goal. All while staying in tune with their personal and financial needs and goals.

I am always in the mood for a real estate conversation, so even if you’re not ready for a commitment, I would love to answer your questions or just chat!