How School Districts Affect Home Values

The data is clear: Homes in the best school districts sell for higher prices than similar homes in less-popular school districts. Research also tells us that one of the most important factors that buyers consider when buying a home are schools. One study shows buyers are willing to pay as much as $50 a square foot extra for a home in a better school district.
Buyers are even willing to give up things to buy near a good school district. One in every five buyers would give up a garage or bedroom. One in three would settle for a smaller home to get access to a good school. Over half would sacrifice nearby shopping options for a better school.
When searching for your new home, it’s important to pay attention to school districts where or not you have kids. When it comes time to sell you will be happy that you did.
2019 Best Public High School in McLean County is an article published by Niche that offers a wealth of information. They go into detail about their ranking systems, and allow you to search school based on criteria that is most important to you.
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