Shut the Front Door

Hi sellers…or anyone wanting to give their home some TLC!

When is the last time you stood on your own front porch and waited for someone to open the door? It’s probably been awhile, if ever, so I’ll go ahead and fill you in. You will likely see some spiderwebs, chipping paint, outdated light fixture, a run down door mat, and maybe even a few dead plants.


If you’re trying to sell your home, potential buyers are going to be looking at those same things when they go to view your home.  In that brief period of time, while waiting for their Realtor to unlock the door, they are already making up their minds about your home. In my experience, it’s not so much that a mediocre front porch that will totally deter buyers, but rather that a well kept & welcoming entryway will captivate them. And if you’re trying to sell your home isn’t that what you’re going for?

Seems to self-explanatory, what’s the catch? There’s not one. It’s as simple as is sounds. Making sure this area of your home is in A+ condition could make a break how a buyer views your home.

Adding updated, visible house numbers to your home gives buyers a reassuring feeling that they are in the right place, and is a simple way to add some character to your outdoor entryway. Décor to fit the season not only gets buyers feeling festive, it shows that you take care of your home and care about the space that you live in. An updated front door, a new door can cost a pretty penny, but there are plenty of ways to bring life to your existing door. Bright colors, plants, doormats, and freshly painted railings, cleaning out cobwebs, installing missing light bulbs & replacing broken and dated light fixtures are all ways to ensure that you are doing your part in getting your home sold. First impressions do last, so make them good!

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