The Flip: Sanding Trim from 2018 to 2019

Before I start this one…I’ve had a couple of people tell me they aren’t able to watch the videos that are posted. I’m not sure what the issue is, I’m thinking it has something to do with the email format. So if you are having issues, try reading the post and watching the videos here.

Ok, so I had to laugh at myself this week (well I really wasn’t laughing until now) for thinking that I was almost done with demo and prep after my last post. I did get a lot done with the initial demo, but boy did I under-estimate the ‘smaller’ items still left on the list.

Almost my entire week consisted of sanding. Sanding trim and doors, and more trim and more doors. Being an old house there was a lot of layers of paint on the doors and woodwork. The before and after shows just how much was built up in areas around the trim. 

The painters started on January 2nd, so I was in a rush to get that project finished up before they came. 

I used both a Black and Decker Sheet Sander and a DeWalt Orbital Sander for this project. Over all I liked the DeWalt better, it had more power. However the Black and Decker was square (DeWalt was circular) so it made it easier to get into small spaces and detailed areas. I used a 40 grit sandpaper for round one and then went back over everything with 80 grit to smooth it out. And by the end of the week we finally the first coat of paint started and I couldn’t believe the transformation!! 

I went back and forth for about a week on the paint color. I finally decided on Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) and am so happy with how it’s turning out thanks to Shane and Bridget with  Hawkins Painting Professionals, LLC. They put in a lot of long hours and dirty work before even being able to get paint on the walls, smiling the entire time (not exaggerating, they are two of the nicest people you’ll meet) They gave me suggestions before starting the job on how to make sure a good outcome (ie. the 467392 hours of sanding). Bridget is also the one who suggested this paint color! I had a few in mind and after she saw what I was going for, suggested the Revere Pewter which turned out to be perfect. Painting was something I was most excited and most nervous for and I have to say they have been great at calming my nerves, giving me suggestions…and at painting! More pictures to come next week as they get finished up! 

Two other extremely nerve wrecking tasks we did this week were camera the sewer line and turn on the water. It had been disclosed before I bought the property that the sewer lines needed some roots cut out. This is actually more common than people realize so I wasn’t too alarmed. However, I didn’t know the extent of the issue before getting a camera down there so I was a little nervous. Watching the process was pretty neat.  Thanks to Blaise and Justin, we were able to borrow the camera they use for work to get a peek. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the sewer line coming from the house is newer PVC with only part of it being the old clay lines that connect to the main city line. And other than a lot of debris, the roots weren’t too bad either. I have two companies coming next week to bid the clean out, and I expect the total cost to be around $300-400. 

[wpvideo 8GIJNqqX permalink=”false” hd=”true” loop=”true”]

As for the water turn on…I found out AFTER I closed on the house that the water had been shut off since 2015. This really had me freaking out. I wanted my plumber, Chris Bean with Cb Plumbing LLC to be there when the water was turned to ensure there were no issues. I had the City of Bloomington find and mark the water turn on spot, and then Chris came to do the actual turn on. HALLELUJAH that there were no issues once we got water flowing through the house. That was a huge relief.

Overall things are still moving along as scheduled! Drywall got finished up this week which I will have pictures of in my next post. Painting should be finished up next week, flooring is scheduled to start towards the end of January, the cabinets are in and waiting to be installed after the flooring!

Next week with some warmer weather I’m hoping to start tackling outside projects. Some major cleanup is in order. Taking out old fence, bringing in dirt and rock, and pouring a driveway out front. We will see how much we actually get accomplished at once!

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  1. Kellie
    January 07, 2019

    It’s so fun to watch and read about this process. You’re doing great!

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