The Flip: Oh Sh!t

I’ve been a little slow on posting this week, but we’re officially one month in to the project! Optimistically I could say we’re about half-way done. Realistically I think we’ll be closer to the very end of February for completion. A lot of what we have left to do is weather dependent.

Last week I didn’t get many (more like any) pictures. It was a slow week, I felt like not much progress was made on my end, and we had our first “oh sh!t” moment…

You may recall, we were able to get a camera into the sewer line to see what we were dealing with. After determining it did in fact need cleaned out, I started making some phone calls. I had both Mike Williams and Rewes Drain Cleaning come take a look.

Mike Williams came early in the week. Typically there is a $79 charge for them to give the estimate, they apply that to the final bill if you have them do the work. While the technician was very helpful and professional, I was only given a pricing sheet with the available options for what I was needing. They didn’t camera it themselves or do any type of work to determine which option would be best. I had a coupon to cover the $79 charge and I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have been happy about paying to see a pricing sheet.

Sam with Rewes Drain Cleaning came out mid-week. He had been referred to me by the plumber I use, Cb Plumbing. Sam called me on his way there and said…”is that the house a couple down from the gas station on Clinton” after I confirmed that it was, he told me that he was fairly certain he did an inspection there a few months prior and that there were some issues. As I went into instant panic mode he said he’d meet me at the house and show me the old video. It revealed that there was a collapse in the sewer drain. He answered all of my questions, gave me his suggestions, and offered to me all of the old inspection information videos that the had. All for no charge. And if I had gone forward with having him clean the sewer, it only would have been around $200.

What now.

I’ve been lucky through this project for the resources Blaise has at the Town of Normal. After many phone calls we finally got a game plan which is:

  • Get permits from the City of Bloomington to complete the work
  • Rent the needed machinery and buy supplies
  • Excavate the sewer line
  • Replace as needed

I’ll be renting a mini excavator and leaving the rest to the guys from the town. Parts for the repairs are pretty inexpensive, it’s mostly PVC materials that we need. The mini excavator will be $375 to rent for a weekend. I’m hoping this project will stay under $1,000 by the time it’s said and done but a lot of it will depend on what we run into after the drain is uncovered. FYI: normally this can start off being a much more expensive project depending on the amount of work you have to hire out. That’s why I’ve been fortunate to know good people!

I went and applied for the permits to do the work last Friday. It was a pretty simple process. I printed and filled out the permits prior to going in and then took them to the McLean County Building and Zoning Board at 8:30. They were approved by 9am. I had to get a permit for the excavating ($40) and a permit for the sewer work ($30) which was $70 total.

If you go to the office between 7:30-9am you will most likely get approval for you permit that same day. Once the project is done (whatever it is you’re doing) you call the inspector for your specific type of work and they will come inspect to make sure everything is to code.

We were tentatively planning to do the work this weekend, but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate! So we will be playing it by ear for when this actually gets done.

What next?

The other major tasks we’ve got left are the flooring install, cabinet and counter install, taking out the fence & yard work. Flooring install is happening at the end of January and the cabinets will follow behind! Here’s to good weather in the next couple of weeks!

What I’ve learned so far…

  • Sewer inspections are something I’m definitely start recommending to my homebuyers when dealing with older homes. It’s relatively cheap and definitely worth the money.
  • Menard’s charges $70 for delivers in town, Lowe’s charges $49
  • Getting permits from the City of Bloomington is not as intimidating as it sounds
  • Not to get too excited about being ahead of schedule because we still probably won’t finish early, ha!

Thanks for following along!



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